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Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing start reaching your fans and showcase your brand to people who already liked your products.

Desiging A Website (DAW) offers you social media consultancy and ultimate solution to all of your social media marketing problems. Social Media marketing has its own rules and regulations that govern its functioning. Only a professional like DAW can help you get your word out to a majority of people, in fact your word will get out to more than half of the world's population, who is using one or other platform of social media.

Strategic social media plan

How Social Media can transform your online business

help you to speak louder

We will get your message across :

We target all social media platforms. From Facebook (1.71 billion monthly active users) to Twitter (16% US citizens use it actively), from Pinterest (the visual sensation) to Google+ (a strong Facebook competitor), linkedIn and YouTube, we leave no rock unturned.

Offer You Individual Attention

Unique action plan:

Every business is unique. In social media we cannot run all media campaigns with one standard strategy. We have no single formula strategy. Our professionals study your business thoroughly and then cultivate an individual social media plan for your business.

International Recognition

We Help You Get International audiance:

Get a super star presence, reach social media users from every angle, boost your reputability by connecting professionally, engage with full potential. Increase social traffic.

smo is mixture of seo and content marketing

Social Media Is a Mixture of SEO and Content Marketing:

SEO and social media marketing goes hand in hand. We at Designing A website ( DAW ) believe that a perfect social media should include SEO as part of it strategy. Gaining better exposure through SEO also going to help you get more social presence. use the power of social media and SEO to increase sales and become an authority in your market.
Most of the social media marketers neglect this important aspect. We at DAW pay a close attention to every details of your social ia marketing. We make sure that your social media posts are in coherence with SEO and follow rules and regulations of content marketing. Do we charge extra money for this? Absolutely not! Our team is dedicated towards its work; we do not charge hidden charges and do your work in most professional manner.

target audience

We Will Help You Get Your Target Audience:

Every business has its target audience.DAW knows that your business requires individual attention and it has different audience. We help you achieve your target audience locally as well as internationally.

Manage Your Reputation

Reputation Management :

On social media rapport building plays a very important role. We believe it’s our responsibility to take care of your company’s reputation. We consistently follow all of the social media platforms actively. No comment is left unanswered; no misleading or ambiguous statements are issued. Everything is done by humans and is done for humans.

time dedication

Dedication, Serious Effort and Positive Results

We at Designing A Website (DAW) know that social media is a platform that if triggered rightly can generate hundreds and thousands of leads. At the same time, it is one of the most time consuming internet marketing strategies. Due to this reason, most of the social media marketers do the business in haste. As a result you will get likes, shares and perhaps some viral posts but very few true leads and eventually the campaign will die down. The dedication required by social media is not easy to give. We give you that dedication, serious effort and our fullest potential. We are with you until you want us; we are with you until your business reaches that height that you once dream of.

problem solving

My Marketer Has Badly Ruined My Social Media Marketing, What Now?

A badly operated social media marketing does more harm than good, especially in these days when there is cut throat competition between rivals. However, there is always space for creative ideas and original work. Our professional team will help fix your social media blunders. We will also take care of your rapport building with your customers and followers. We guarantee you positive results, after all hard work always pays back!

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Facebook logo
    Facebook page integration, Management and Optimization
  • Twitter logo
    Twitter account integration, Management and Optimization
  • youtube logo
    YouTube video production and optimization
  • branding
    Branding and Reputation Management
  • tis-india
    Blog Creations, Development and Management

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